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Large Portal from Paper or Plastic? Solo Show
Luke and Ginger Van Hook Collaboration

"Strange Fish I" Paper or Plastic? Solo Show 2012
"Strange Fish I" with audience. Gallery 825 Solo Show 2012

Detail of "February" 2008 Oil on Burlap on Panel 31" x 38"

Detail of "February" 2008 Oil on Burlap on Panel 31" x 38"

Statement for Light and Space Collaborations:

 For a number of years, Luke and Ginger Van Hook have been collaborating on ephemeral light installations in various locations. The Van Hooks seek to become part of the dialogue of the light and space movement by showcasing small intimate works normally reserved for recycling or disposal. Light as life becomes the focal point of this exploration. The ephemeral qualities exhibited by inanimate objects becoming living works of art are where the exploration of light and space in the sciences and arts intersect and this theme opens a portal into a new dimension of art. The Van Hooks hope to also raise new questions about the human condition and the functionality of recycled materials which additionally explore the unique phenomenon of refracted light in the confines of a dark space.  For information about Ginger Van Hook, please visit  click this site to view the movie of the solo show exhibition 2012 Paper or Plastic?


Statement for Painting


My objective in art is to be a voice for the significance of abstraction. Intuitional in method and intrinsic in form, abstraction is still young and vital. I am not so much interested in a hard or soft-edged abstraction as I am in interpreting a transparent abstraction. I see this work as an opening up of a picture which provides the opportunity of seeing what is behind or hidden. The nature of this work is also an analysis of the transcendence in painting through the macro and the micro. When a painting is capable of transporting you to another space, this is timeless.





Detail of "July" 2007





Turen, Indonesia



2004 BFA, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA


Solo Exhibitions:

(2012)            “Paper or Plastic?” Gallery 825,  Los Angeles, California


Group Exhibitions:

(2012)“Out of Thin Air I” Painters and Mixed Media,

LAX Airport/ DCA United Airlines Terminal 1


(2012)“The Greenhouse Show” Painters and Mixed Media, Flag Stop, South Bay, CA


(2011)            “Chain Letter”, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, California


(2010)            “See Thru” Collaboration Exhibition

with Cal-Tech Professor Shinsuke Shimojo,The Icon, Los Angeles, California


(2010)            “See Thru” Collaboration Exhibition

with Cal-Tech Professor Shinsuke Shimojo, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, California


(2010) “Following Feitelson” Juried by Marie Chambers, (Dir. of Louis Stern Fine Arts),

Gallery 825, West Hollywood, CA


(2009) “Open Show” Juried by the SF MOMA Asst. Curator, Apsara DiQuinzio,

Gallery 825, West Hollywood, CA

(2009) “More with Less” Juried by Robert Brander & Kristina Newhouse,

Gallery 825, West Hollywood, CA

(2009) “My New Country” Juried by Rita Gonzalez, Asst. Curator of LACMA,

Gallery 825, West Hollywood, CA


(2008) “Aurora” Gallery 825, West Hollywood, CA

(2008) “Otis College 90th Anniv. Show”, Juried by Elena Del Rio, Owner of

Koplin Del Rio Gallery, Gallery 825, West Hollywood, CA

(2008) “Circle in the Square” The Brand Art Gallery, Glendale, CA


(2007) TAG Gallery, Juried by art critic and writer Peter Frank, Santa Monica, CA

(2007) Sphinx Gallery, Downtown Art District, Los Angeles, CA


(2006) TAG Gallery, Juried by artist Laddie John Dill, Santa Monica, CA


Artist Member
Gallery 825-Los Angeles Art Association
825  N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90069
Phone 310-652-8272

 "Circle in the Square" 2008
August 2 - September 5, 2008

Glendale Public Library
1601 West Mountain Street
Glendale, California 91201

"Brain I" See Thru Exhibition Gallery 825 2010
See Thru Collaboration with Cal Tech Scientist Shinsuke Shimojo. Perception & Brain Science

Detail of "December" 2006 33" x 40"

Detail of "November" 2007 Oil on Linen

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